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Pastor:     Andrew McCausland                             Union Sunday Worship 10:30am


It is certainly acceptable and commendable how many women share feelings of their spouses and children with those around them. I love to see the world through different eyes; to see the love and joy that a wife and mother feels towards those close to her. Sadly, with men this is not always the case.

We seem to be raised with an image of stoicism that does not allow for the open expression of our feelings. Or we get caught up in the details of what we perceive as our responsibilities that we forget why we have those responsibilities in the first place. That is to say that we often do things for love but in the process, we lose sight of expressing that love through anything but meeting those responsibilities.

I know that I missed many years of time, special moments that I will never be able to get back by working to provide for my family. I don’t mean to imply that I am sorry I worked enough to allow my wife to be home with our girls but I do wish that I had made better use of the time I did have available. I implore each of us men, and women as well, to not waste a minute, to not pass by an opportunity, to not lose out on a chance to show those in our lives that we love them.

Let us strive to make memories of joy and love every day. Let us remember that we will never know how long our loved ones will be in our lives and with that in mind live each day to its fullest. Let us reach out through our actions and our words. Let us honor those that are in our lives now as well as those that have gone before us by living a life of love. Do not let a moment pass by where you can do or say something kind for those you care about and yet you don’t, thinking instead that there will always be tomorrow.

Please pause in your daily life to share a smile with someone you love. Understand that we cannot read each other’s’ minds and those that are special to us only truly know if we share with them. It is love that creates fond memories; it is love that heals our wounds; it is love that transcends the daily struggle to bring happiness to our lives and the lives of those around us. It is through our love that we never lose those that are close to us – they will always reside in our hearts, encouraging us to be better and love more. Love only multiples it never takes away; there is always room in our hearts and the world for more love.

I love my wife and children and yet I know that I do not tell them enough. I love my family but often forget to stay in touch. I love my friends but sometimes let time and circumstances drift us apart. Know that I love you all. Each one of you have been a part of the life that has made me the man I am today and each one of you contribute to my desire to be a better man tomorrow, to love more, to do more, to share more. If there is someone in your life that you love TELL THEM. Never assume that those you love know you love them, scream it from the rooftops, show it in your actions, and share it with your words. Love often, love fully, love life. God is love!

This page updated November 28, 2021
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