Don't forget the Chili and Soup Dinner Friday, February 24 at 11:00am.

Thank you to our youth, their participation in the Souper Bowl of Caring created a great donation of non perishables and over $200 in cash donations to the Union Food Pantry! Special thanks to all those who loaded up the food and delivered to the food pantry today! Great job, guys!

May Birthdays

    6th Howard Westmoreland
    9th Sarena Stout
    9th Kate O'Donnell
  10th Kaeli Adams
  13th Gerald Kerr
  24th Kayla Stalcup
  29th Sam Cooley
  29th Lou Rhodes
  29th David Stout
  31st Patsy Dickey

Nurture News

The nurture committee continues to hold our monthly free meal for the community on the second Sunday of each month at 11:00 am.

May God bless you,
Union First United Methodist Church Nurture Committee

April Birthdays

  2nd Ed Allen
  4th Jo Keith
  6th Logan Stout
  7th Dennis AuBuchon
14th Danny Cottner
15th Cassie Price
16th Suzy Curnutte
20th Laurena Melton-Schroeter
26th Brianna Rice
27th Joy Shaw
30th Eric Stalcup
30th Natalie Bestman

May Anniversaries

12th Adrian & Laurie Price
13th Dan & Tammy Adams
20th Dennis & Linda AuBuchon
28th Pete & Denise Purschke

April Anniversaries


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