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Pastor                              Union Sunday Worship 10:30am

Dear Church,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I write to you this day to let you all know that we will be returning to online worship starting September 6. We will no longer be meeting in person. After 2 months of worship with no music and 20-30 minutes of awkwardness, we have actually done more harm than good. We had hoped that people would return but that is not the case. Most people don’t want to come until masks are not mandatory and singing has returned. We have had quite an online following and most people who do attend in person worship were watching online before we returned to the building. Therefore, the leadership team is deciding to go back to online worship only. We believe this will be a better worship experience with music, singing, prayers, and connection that we are so desperately missing. Please continue to worship, serve, pray, and give.

This time around we want to try something new. We would like to have house church. What is house church you ask? If there were a few people that would be willing to host worship in their homes and invite a few people from the congregation to join you we could still have a sense of community in a more controlled environment. If you would like to host a house church please email graysummitumc@gmail.com, pastormattpriley@yahoo.com, or call the church office 636-742-4336 or Pastor Matt at 660-864-1749 and let us know. If you would like to be a participant but not host at a house church let us know that as well. Please be patient as we are trying our best to provide all with a great worship experience without losing a sense of community.

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Matthew Riley

This page updated November 22, 2020
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